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This is where you'll find the latest news from CityStep at Harvard. We'll post regular updates so you will always know what's going on with CityStep—whether you can make it to the Grad Board meetings or not. The most recent update will appear below, but be sure to check out the archives to see what we've posted in the past. Did you read about something in which you might like to get involved? Got some tips for how we can do something we're doing even better? Have you come up with an idea we've got to hear about? Get in touch and let us know, we'd love to have you involved. 

Fall 2012 Updates

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We have been working to expand our presence on the web and hope to reconnect with CityStep alumni through our Facebook and LinkedIn pages!  You can "Like" CityStep on Facebook, join the CityStep Facebook group, join the CityStep group on LinkedIn for professional networking, and add CityStep on LinkedIn as a former employer to better connect with current and former CitySteppers.

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harvardcollege@citystep.org     1 University Hall, Cambridge, MA 02138