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The CityStep Company consists of two branches made up entirely of Harvard undergraduate students: the Producer Board and the Teacher Board. The entire CityStep Company is overseen by four undergraduates: two Executive Producers, who oversee the Producer Board, and two Executive Directors, who oversee the Teacher Board.

The Producer Board is a group of over a dozen undergraduates who are charged with the overall development of the company, including fundraising, advertising and administration. Additionally, each year the Producer Board organizes CityStep’s two largest events: the benefit ball fundraiser in the fall and the annual CityStep performance in the spring.

The Teacher Board is the direct-service branch of the CityStep program; it is headed by an Artistic Board of two Executive Directors, one Music Director, and six Classroom Directors. Within the Teacher Board, each Classroom Director leads a team of approximately five Teachers and one Composer in working with either a middle-school classroom in the Cambridge public school system or one of the CityStep after-school program classes.

In each class, undergraduate Teachers lead dance workshops and choreography and improvisation activities and, in collaboration with the CityStep students, choreograph the pieces performed in the annual CityStep show. Teachers participate in teacher training activities and workshops to prepare for their role in the classroom. Teacher meetings are held once a week and focus on behavior management training, community building activities, and dance exploration exercises. CityStep directors are responsible for leading these meetings as well as bringing in experts and professionals to supplement their own expertise. Undergraduate Composers lead music activities and workshops for the students and, with input from CityStep students and Teachers, compose original music for the CityStep performances.

If you are a Harvard undergraduate interested in applying for a position in CityStep, we would love to hear from you! Undergraduate members of the CityStep Company come from a wide range of business, dance, and musical backgrounds, and no experience is necessary to get involved.

"CityStep students are nurtured by the attention and inspired by the energy and dedication of their college-age teachers, whom they naturally come to see as friends and role-models."

--Chris Affleck, 5th Grade Teacher, Cambridge Public Schools

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