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Harvard University Gazette: December 16th, 1999

Movement with a Purpose

Photos by Jon Chase

CityStep is an undergraduate organization that combines the spirit of public service with the spirit of the arts. The In-School portion of the program consists of teams of high-stepping Harvard students teaching dance to Cambridge fifth- and sixth-graders through games and improvisation, as well as choreographed pieces. The After-School program brings CitySteppers to campus twice a week after school. Classes culminate in a performance conceived and choreographed entirely by Harvard undergraduates and their CityStep students.

CityStep is more than just what meets the feet, however. Kids create plays, make collages, and write about their dreams. In the process of tripping the light fantastic, the young dancers learn problem-solving skills and teamwork and develop both a sense of community and a positive self-image.

Dyisha Reliford '01 (front) leads a group of students, including Tobin School student Kristen McManus (left), in a "boxing" dance in the Currier House basement.


Graham and Parks student George Turner (left) shares a laugh with Stella Christie '03.

Tiffany "Flair" McNair '03 (left) does the bump with flair and with Kristen McManus.


Tobin School student Krishana House takes part in a game that fosters camaraderie.


A student writes a letter to herself stating her goals for the program. She will open the letter in April.


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