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CityStep : Join CityStep!

Join CityStep!

Welcome to the updated information page for CityStep Comp 2013! Check out what CitySteppers have to say about why you should join CityStep:

First come find us at the Activities Fair at the SOCH on Friday, September 6th at 4 PM! 

We will also be holding an info session on Sunday, September 8th at 2 PM in Sever 203. 

What is comping? 

Like many groups on campus, CityStep yields new membes each year through a comp process. Comping an organization gives you the chance to get to know the organization while we get to know you. Comp will go through several different rounds, and will be different depending on which part of the company you'd like to apply to. 

CityStep is made up of three boards: the Teacher Company, the Producer Board, and the Music Board.

Our comp process is completely open, so please bring your friends! However, because we run a limited number of classes, we might not be able to offer a position in our company to everyone who comps. You are, of course, welcome to apply to more than one board. 

Interested in becoming a TEACHER? 
Check the comp schedule below! You'll get to see what a CityStep class is like, try out a few dance moves (no pressure!), have a conversation with our leadership, and meet the returning members of the company. We do not make "cuts" between rounds, so everyone who attends both rounds of comp and completes an interview will be considered for a spot in our company! If you have any questions, please send us an email at

Interested in becoming a PRODUCER?
Email Caroline McKay at for information on the application process.

Intersted in becoming a MUSIC COORDINATOR?
Email Priya Menon at and Sarah Scalia at sarahscalia [at] college [dot] harvard [dot] edu for information on the application process.

Keep up to date with CityStep at Step Up on Facebook!



CityStep : Join CityStep!

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