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CityStep : CityStep Undergrads

CityStep Undergrads

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A note from the execs...

Hey CityStep!

We’re gearing up for another fun-filled year here in Cambridge! Can’t wait to see you back on campus in the fall for recruitment and our returning company reunion! Remember to stop by our table at the freshman activities fair—just listen for the loud music and look for swarms of other red CityStep sweatshirts breaking it down in Tercentary Theater.

We’ve got so much to look forward to in the fall: meeting new company members, CityStep initiation, the annual CityStep Ball, and the first week of classes with our CityStep kids! Check back here often for updated information about important events.

In the meantime, dust off those red shoes and be prepared to overwhelm campus with some of that contagious CityStep energy and spirit—and, of course, the latest and greatest dance moves.

Ooh... Ahh... CityStep!


This month’s CityStomped undergrad is Chris Hernandez '13!
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Role in CityStep
Teacher for 1YP Fletcher-Maynard

Favorite CityStep Game/Activity
Boom Boom Chang and the Museum Game

Favorite Dance Move
The jump-on-it dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Favorite CityStep Moment
The initiation night, because we got to start a Conga line in Harvard Square and bond with other CitySteppers!

The CityStep Company is comprised of undergraduates who participate in the program in three major capacities: as producers, teachers, and composers. Producers act as the driving force behind the scenes, raising money, working with CityStep alumni, and planning the annual show. The teachers work in teams with classes of CityStep middle-schoolers on a curriculum designed to broaden their exposure to the performing arts while building their self-esteem and promoting teamwork. Composers write original music to accompany each class's piece in the annual year-end show. These three groups come together as a company to work to fulfill our mission of building self-esteem through creative self-expression and community interaction.

If you are a Harvard undergraduate interested in joining the CityStep family, [2] email us... we'd love to hear from you!


CityStep : CityStep Undergrads

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