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CityStep : Alumni


Welcome, former CitySteppers! You can use this section of the website to keep up to date if you're already an active CityStep alum, or to get reconnected with the program if you've lost touch. We hope that all of our alumni will get involved. You are all still as much a part of CityStep as you were while at Harvard and we need your support.

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This month’s CityStomped alumni is Kamilah Dixon!
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Where are you now?
Just started my first year of medical school at Georgetown School of Medicine!

Year of Graduation

Role in CityStep
Teacher for 2 years, Director for the last :)

Favorite CityStep Game/Activity
This is a tough one, but I think I have to go with Boom-Boom Chang

Favorite Dance Move
Definitely the running-man with the roger rabbit at a close second!

Favorite City Step Moment
I always loved the All-Day. There was something so amazing about all of that positive energy in one room!


CityStep : Alumni

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